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Sep 26, 2023


Welcome to, your ultimate destination for all things music and video related. Whether you are a musician, DJ, or a music lover, we are here to provide you with the finest products and services to enhance your musical journey. In this article, we will explore the significance of rubber coated webbing and how it can contribute to your success in the music and video industry.

Understanding Rubber Coated Webbing

Rubber coated webbing is a versatile and durable material extensively used in various industries, including music and video production. It is a specialized webbing that has been coated with a layer of rubber, providing enhanced strength, flexibility, and durability. This unique combination of materials makes rubber coated webbing an ideal choice for applications where strength and longevity are crucial.

Benefits of Rubber Coated Webbing

1. Durability: Rubber coated webbing is designed to withstand rigorous use and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability for your musical equipment and accessories.

2. Flexibility: The rubber coating adds a layer of flexibility to the webbing, allowing it to bend and mold to different shapes and contours. This makes it easy to use in various musical applications, providing a seamless experience for musicians and DJs.

3. Water and Weather Resistance: The rubber coating acts as a protective barrier, making the webbing resistant to water, UV rays, and other weather elements. This feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor performances and events, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition.

4. Non-Slip Grip: The rubberized surface of the webbing offers excellent grip and prevents equipment from slipping or sliding during performances or transportation. This is especially valuable for DJs who require stable and secure setups.

Applications of Rubber Coated Webbing in the Music & Video Industry

1. Instrument Straps: Rubber coated webbing is commonly used in the production of instrument straps, providing musicians with a comfortable and secure way to hold their instruments while performing.

2. Cable Management: Keeping cables organized and tangle-free is crucial in any music or video setup. Rubber coated webbing can be used to create cable sleeves and wraps, ensuring efficient cable management and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

3. Equipment Protection: The durability and water-resistant properties of rubber coated webbing make it suitable for protecting musical instruments and audio equipment during transportation, storage, or outdoor performances.

4. Speaker Rigging: Rubber coated webbing is an excellent choice for securing speakers and other audio equipment to trusses or mounting points. Its non-slip grip and flexibility ensure a safe and sturdy setup, even in demanding environments.

Choosing the Right Rubber Coated Webbing

When selecting rubber coated webbing for your music and video needs, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Strength: Ensure that the webbing has sufficient strength to support the weight of your equipment.
  • Width and Thickness: Choose the appropriate width and thickness based on your specific requirements.
  • Color Options: Depending on your aesthetic preferences, select from a range of color options.
  • Supplier Reputation: Purchase from reliable suppliers like to ensure high-quality products and excellent customer service.


Investing in top-notch materials, such as rubber coated webbing, can make a significant difference in the success of your music and video endeavors. provides an extensive range of rubber coated webbing options to cater to the unique needs of musicians, DJs, and music enthusiasts.

By choosing, you are not only investing in a high-quality product but also benefiting from our commitment to customer satisfaction and business excellence. Elevate your music and video experiences with the industry-leading rubber coated webbing from and take your endeavors to new heights!

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